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Is Wedding Cake Tasting Free?

I want to make sure I get the best tasting cake for my reception but wondered if the wedding cake tasting is free or not. Here is some info I found on cake tastings.

So are wedding cake tastings free? If you plan on going with a smaller local bakery, the cake tasting will likely be free. However, most of the larger bakeries will probably charge you a tasting and consultation fee.

The wedding cake plays a big part in the reception celebration so picking the right flavor and design is important to many brides. Here is some helpful information to answer the question “is wedding cake tasting free”.

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Cake Tasting Costs

Cake tasting fees vary on the bakery. Some local shops might do it for free, but others will charge. Here are a few examples of cake tasting pricing that other brides found when looking for a bakery.

  1. $25 for 3 samples for 2 people, plus cake consultation

  2. First 3 flavors are free, $3 for each additional flavor

  3. $25 for tasting but fee is waived if you book with them

  4. First 6″ iced cake is free, $15 for each additional 6″ round sample

  5. 2 dozen cupcakes )with no icing or filling) of different flavors for free

  6. 3 cake flavors, 3 icings, and 3 fillings to taste for free

You want to call around to your local bakeries to find out what they charge, if anything, as prices and number of flavors to try will vary a lot.

Also, if the bakery charges a fee, be sure to ask if that fee will be waived included with the total cost of the cake if you book with them.

Another question to ask your bakery is if they charge for extra if you have more than a certain amount of people at your cake tasting. Some bakeries charge $15 per person for any more than 2 people, and $5 per person per flavor for additional cake and/or frosting flavors.

Why Do Some Bakeries Charge a Fee?

The reason that some bakeries charge a fee is so they can get compensated for their time when the bride doesn’t book. Additionally, it weeds out the people who aren’t even moderately serious about booking. Most bakeries will apply the consultation fee toward the total cake toss. If the bride books on the spot, some bakeries won’t even bother charging the consult fee.

Where to Find a Good Wedding Cake Bakery

You can always just Google, “wedding cake bakery near me” but that’s going to pull up anyone and everyone. Consider asking your friends for recommendations.

If you do find places online, be sure to check out their online reviews and comments. If anyone had a bad experience with that bakery, they’re sure to leave a review… especially on something as important as their wedding cake.

Bakeries aren’t the only place to find good wedding cakes. Some hotels and high end restaurants will do it. Also, someone you know might know someone who does wedding cakes out of their home. This could be a great option (and maybe even a little cheaper)!

How to Do a Wedding Cake Tasting

Decide on a budget. Before you do anything, figure out what your budget is for your cake. This way, when you start calling around, you will know right away if this bakery is even worth doing a cake tasting with.

Call around and do your research. No matter where you live, there is certain to be many bakeries to choose from. If it’s in your budget, you could even call high-end hotels or restaurants. Find out if they charge for the cake tasting and consultation, how many flavors they’ll allow you to try and so forth.

Many bakeries will also have a portfolio book, online portfolio, or Facebook photo album. Also be sure to check out their online reviews.

Have an idea of what flavor and design you like. Most bakeries will only allow you to try so many flavors for free or the base price (tasting additional flavors will like cost extra). Also, if you already have an idea of what you would like the cake to look like you can be prepared to discuss it with your baker. You could also bring a picture of what you like to your cake consultation. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas! Here are a few things to consider beforehand:

  1. Do you prefer fondant or buttercream?

  2. Do you want fresh or sugar flowers?

  3. Are you a fan of simple or more ornate designs?

Plan accordingly and be prepared. A cake tasting and consultation usually lasts 1-2 hours. Don’t arrive on an empty stomach (but don’t eat so much before hand that you’re too full, of course). Be sure to drink water as you taste each cake so that the flavors don’t get mixed. Also, be prepared to ask you baker a few important questions, such as:

  1. When will the cake be made and do you deliver? Is there a delivery fee?

  2. Are they any additional fees for extra decorations on the cake?

  3. How big of a slice is considered one serving?

  4. How will the cake hold up in the weather?

  5. What is the cake made of? (Be sure to address any allergy concerns.)

Decide who should come with you. You’ll want more than just you and your fiance there to try the different flavors. The more taste buds and sweet tooth’s you can get, the better. Be sure to check with your bakery to see how many people you can have at your tasting.

Be open to ideas. Your baker has likely been doing this for a long time. If you’re not exactly sure what you want, trust your baker to come up with some good flavor combinations. You might find something that you wouldn’t normally try but actually tastes amazing.

Who Should Go to a Wedding Cake Tasting?

Cake tastings are so much fun and delicious. It’s a great idea to bring some helpful taste buds along to help with your decisions. Be sure to ask your bakery how many people they allow you to bring. Some bakeries will charge extra for each additional person.

Here are some great people you could ask to join you.

  1. Your parents

  2. The maid of honor and best man

  3. A couple other wedding guests who have a great sweet tooth

It’s also a great idea to have your wedding planner present so they can coordinate with your baker. Your wedding planner can make sure the logistics of getting the cake to the venue, matching colors, etc are taken care of.

How Far in Advance Should You Order Your Wedding Cake?

You’ll definitely want to order your cake 6 months before your wedding day. Many bakeries will get booked up quickly during wedding season so having your order in as early as possible is a must!

If you’re getting married in the off season, your baker may be more flexible on how early you need to order (maybe only 2 or 3 months in advance).

Keep in mind that you’ll more than likely need to put down a 50% deposit on the cake at the time of ordering to hold your reservation.

Flavors to Try at Your Cake Tasting

Ask your baker ahead of time what flavors they offer. In the meantime, here is a great list of popular flavors you could try at your cake tasting. Be sure to take detailed notes as you taste each flavor so that you can remember which flavors you liked and didn’t like.

  1. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

  2. Salted Caramel

  3. Lemon Summer Berry

  4. Cafe Latte

  5. Caramel Apple

  6. Cookies and Cream

  7. Red Velvet

  8. White Chocolate Raspberry

  9. Lemon

  10. Coconut and Lime

  11. Carrot

  12. Pink Champagne

Related Questions

How big should my wedding cake be? Your wedding cake size is determined by the number of guests you will have. For example, if you’re expecting 180 guests, a 4 tier (10″, 8″, 6″ & 4″) wedding cake will give you 160 finger portions which will be plenty since 10% or so are unlikely to want a slice.

How much does the average wedding cake cost? The average wedding cake cost in the US is around $500. The cost of your wedding cake will depend on the size, the number of layers, cake flavor and filling, and icing design. 

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