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Strawberry Wedding Theme

Having a strawberry themed wedding is perfect for the summer months! If you have chosen this theme you may wonder how to incorporate this into your wedding. Here are a few ways to use strawberries in your decor, invitations, and attire.

A few simple ways to use strawberries in your wedding is by putting strawberries on your cake and have your food-based around this concept. Using pink and green as your colors for bridesmaid dresses and flowers also help. You could even use faux strawberries in your wedding bouquet.

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Continue reading for more creative ideas on how to use strawberries in your wedding decor, attire, and invitations.

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Strawberry Shortcake Wedding Decorations

Strawberry tiered platter. A tiered wood disc platter is a cute rustic touch to a strawberry themed wedding. You can use these platters to hold chocolate-covered strawberries, strawberry shortcake cupcakes, or any other strawberry themed foods.

Edible arrangement table bouquets. Edible arrangements are perfect for decorative table bouquets and they also could be a snack for your guests! You can have these bouquets made with chocolate-covered strawberries and other sweet snacks.

Strawberry placemats. A great way to further use the strawberry theme is to use strawberry designed placemats at each of your guests place setting. These placemats would be very cute and perfect for this theme of the wedding. Using this same concept you could find plates and glasses that have strawberries on them.

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Strawberry Wedding Attire

Strawberry themed bridesmaid dress. Having strawberry themed bridesmaid dresses are very simple. Have your dresses be either red, hot pink, or green. These colors are great for a summer or early fall wedding and would look good in any style of dress.

Strawberry groomsmen jacket. To incorporate this into your groomsmen’s attire, simply have them wear a jacket in the appropriate color. If you have your bridesmaids wear hot pink, you could have the groomsmen match the color or wear green to compliment the pink.

Strawberry patterned dress. Another option for a bridesmaid dress is to have a dress with a strawberry pattern on them. This is a cute idea and these dresses can be found locally depending on your location. You can also find them online.

Strawberry Wedding Favors

Strawberry jam. A great idea for a strawberry themed wedding favors is having small jars of strawberry jam for your guests. Place a small jar at each place setting and maybe have some off to the side for the taking. For a more rustic touch, you could tie some lace or burlap around the jar or use twine to add a name tag.

Strawberry & scone carton. Here is a cute strawberry wedding favor idea. Place some fresh strawberries and a scone in a small carton or basket as a wedding favor. These can be given out at the end of your reception or at each guest’s table setting. Use a piece of twine to connect a name tag as a rustic touch.

Strawberry macaroons. Using the idea above, instead of scones, you could use strawberry macaroons depending if they are available where you live. You can also make them yourselves or have someone you know make them. You could also package these separately or instead of the carton idea.

Fresh strawberries in a bag. Here are simple and fairly inexpensive wedding favors for your guests. Place some fresh strawberries in a paper bag and write your guest’s names on them. You could even cover the strawberries in dark, milk, or white chocolate.

What are your favorite strawberry wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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