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Summer Garden Wedding Theme Ideas

Nothing is as romantic as a summer garden wedding! If this is the theme you choose for your wedding, you may wonder how you could incorporate it into your wedding. Continue reading to find some cool ways to make your summer wedding, the wedding of your dreams!

Bright colors are a great way to bring the summer theme into your wedding. Using a good balance of bright colored flowers and greenery is a simple way to have a summer garden theme. Have large bouquets and hanging baskets of flowers around your reception area, whether indoors or outdoors.

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Those were only a few ways to give a summer garden feel to your wedding. Continue reading to find out ways to use this theme in your ceremony, arch, attire, and decor.

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Garden Theme Wedding Attire

Floral. Floral patterned bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a summer garden themed wedding. You could have your entire dress be floral, or have the top be solid with a floral skirt. Groomsmen could have solid jackets or shirts with floral patterned neck or bow ties.

Solid. If you don’t like using floral patterned clothing in your wedding, you most likely stick with solid colored attire. Light pink, sage green, and different shades of reds are some basic summertime colors that are good for a garden-themed wedding. You can easily find flowers to match.

Bright shades of blue, red, and yellow and good for a brighter wedding theme. Using blue or red roses, and sunflowers would match these colors well. You could even use darker colored greenery.

All green. Using all green colors at your wedding is a great idea for a garden-themed wedding. You could use several shades of green, paired with greenery, and white or light pink roses. Gardens usually consist of a lot of greenery, so using greenery in your wedding gives a natural touch.

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Garden Themed Wedding Arch

Wooden beam & greenery. This is a simple wedding arch that is perfect for a garden-themed wedding. Using a simple doorpost arch, and some greenery vines you can make a beautiful wedding arch. Simply wrap the greenery vines around the arch stapling in place. You can also add white sheer drapes to add a magical and romantic feel.

Bent tree wedding arch. This is a beautiful wedding arch that can be used in any wedding to give a rustic look. Use a round wooden arch and cover in greenery vines and plants of your choice. You could also add flowers that go with your theme, such as white roses since they are versatile.

Forest style wedding arch. This wedding arch is a beautiful and magical piece that is perfect for a summer garden wedding. Using a bent arch, cover it with hanging greenery garlands of your choice. You could choose to add flowers to the very top or all across your wedding arch to add more color.

Garden Wedding Decor Lights

Hanging tree lights. Nothing is as romantic as an outdoor wedding surrounded by lights. Using stringed lights at your wedding reception is a magical way to add light and decor. If your reception is outside, you can hang stringed lights from the trees or peninsula. If your reception is indoor you could hang them from banisters, walls, or ceiling. It all depends on your reception area itself.

Rustic lanterns. Using rustic lanterns for lighting or decor is a great way to add rustic charm to your wedding. Rustic or restored lanterns can be bought online or at a local decor store. You could place a lantern on each reception table with a lit candle inside, or without. You could also decorate them with greenery and/or flowers.

Table stringed lights. Another way to add lighting and decor to your reception tables is to attach stringed lighting to the edges of your tables. This is very simple to do and adds to the magical feel of your wedding. You could also attach greenery garlands around the table for extra color.

Garden Wedding Decor Ceremony

Greenery garlands. A great way to include some summer garden theme in your wedding ceremony is to use greenery garland for decor. You can attach them to your chairs, and wedding arch. Using small flowers to compliment them is also a good idea.

Potted plants. Here is another great decor item for a garden-themed wedding. Use potted plants, like peace lilies and place them at the end of your wedding aisle. You can use smaller potted plants and place them along the rows.

Hanging flowers in a jar. Another garden-themed idea is to put some flowers and water into a mason jar and hanging them from the chairs along your wedding aisle. This is a cheap and simple way to add some decor that is naturally beautiful.

You could also wrap the jar with burlap, lace, twine, or other fabric to add extra color and design. Using light pink, white, or green flowers are a versatile color pallette for a garden-themed wedding. Use smaller flowers, or wildflowers so they fit in a smaller jar.

What are your favorite summer garden wedding theme ideas? Share in the comments!

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