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What Side Does the Father of the Bride Stand on?

When preparing for your wedding rehearsal, it is important to know where each member of the wedding party should stand during the ceremony. If you are planning your wedding, you may wonder where the father of the bride is supposed to stand. Here is the answer.

So, what side does the father of the bride stand on? The father of the bride will stand to the right of his daughter when walking her down the aisle. The groom will be waiting for her at the end, also on her right side.

This became tradition due to the saying that “his daughter has left him for her right-hand man.” After the bride is walked down the aisle, her father may proceed to either sit or stand at the left side of her.

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What Toast Does the Father of the Bride Give?

It is a tradition that the father of the bride gives some kind of toast or speech at the wedding reception. Here are some examples of the father of the bride toasts.

Traditional. A typical father of the bride toast would be something simple such as thanking the guests for coming to witness the couple’s marriage and talking about his love for his daughter. This is a traditional speech that you would commonly hear from the father of the bride.

A written toast. Perhaps you have seen some of the awesome videos of the father of the bride doing an originally written toast made for his daughter’s special day. Usually, they make you laugh or cry, and writing your own toast can be a heartwarming thing to do. This is becoming more and more popular and it gives a way for the father of the bride to be remembered at his daughter’s wedding for years to come.

Does the Father of the Bride Pay for the Wedding?

If you are planning your wedding, you probably know how expensive it can get. But who pays for everything that goes into creating your special day?

The parents of the bride. Although many people contribute to the cost of certain things on the wedding day, it is a tradition that the parents or the father of the bride pay for the majority of the wedding day costs, such as the venue, decorations, catering, etc.

The groom. The groom also has an important role to play when purchasing things for the wedding. The groom pays for the wedding rings, the wedding license, and sometimes the bride’s bouquet. The groom may also offer to pay for some of the things that the father of the bride would usually pay for. This commonly happens if there is a small budget for the wedding.

Bridesmaids. Sometimes as a gift, the bridesmaids may choose to pay for something small in the wedding such as the flowers or decorations. They also may choose to pay for the bride’s hair, nails, or a spa date before the wedding.

Bride. If the bride has any personal money, she may choose to buy things on her own such as her dress, the flowers, hair, nails, makeup, etc. These are small things that don’t usually cost as much as the venue and catering, so she could usually purchase these things to take the burden off her parents or groom.

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