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What to Wear to a Courthouse Wedding as a Guest

If you’ve been asked to attend a courthouse wedding or elopement, you might be wonder what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest.

So, what is appropriate for a guest to wear to a courthouse wedding? The best attire for a courthouse wedding as a guest is business attire. You should dress the same way as the people who work in the courthouse which generally means a dress or skirt, slacks, button-down shirt, or a business suit. Formal attire is not necessary.

Here are some examples of what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest and why you should dress appropriately for the occasion.

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Proper Attire for Courthouse Wedding: Dressy or Casual?

Many people have wondered if they have to dress up for a courthouse wedding since it’s not as big of an event as a traditional wedding.

There are three things to remember when it comes to being a guest at a courthouse wedding.

First, you will be in a public officials’ office. Even the people who work there will be dressed up. You don’t have to buy a formal dress and go as fancy as a traditional wedding. Most people have clothes in their closet that they would wear to work that would be perfect to wear to a courthouse wedding. Casual jeans and t-shirts are typically not seeing from people who work in the courthouse so you probably shouldn’t dress that way either

Second, even though it’s at a courthouse, this is still a wedding. This is a special day to the bride and groom and should still be treated with some class and respect by dressing up.

Third, ask the bride and groom how they would like guests to dress for the occasion. If the bride and groom intend on wearing very casual clothes, then it might be best for you do to the same. It will look weird in pictures if the guests are dressed nicer than the bride and groom.

Can I Wear Jeans to a Courthouse Wedding?

Most people believe that is is very inappropriate to wear jeans for a courthouse wedding. Of course, you should ask the bride and groom how guests should dress as they might want a casual feel.

When it comes to a courthouse wedding, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Even if you’re not sure what the bride and groom will be wearing, it’s still better to be overdressed.

You want to still make the event feel like a special occasion by wearing nice clothes… not something casual and every day.

Guest Courthouse Wedding Attire Ideas

Choose a dress or skirt that is classy and timeless. If you wouldn’t wear it to church, you probably shouldn’t wear it to a courthouse wedding.

Remember, just because it’s a courthouse wedding doesn’t mean it isn’t a happy and exciting event. Wearing colors that match the season the wedding is in is a great idea!

Here are some appropriate dress and skirt ideas that guests can wear to a courthouse wedding.

You could also wear a nice blouse with slacks or a pantsuit. These are common business attire options that look classy and dressy.

Here are some appropriate blouse, pants, and pantsuit ideas that guests can wear to a courthouse wedding.

When it comes to which shoes to wear, you might want to consider wearing flats or soft-soled shoes. Some people have commented that heels in a courthouse is too loud and draws attention. If in doubt, stick with flats.

Here are some appropriate shoe ideas that guests can wear to a courthouse wedding.

As for men’s courthouse wedding guest attire, a button-down shirt or polo with a pair of business slacks or dress pants is the perfect combo. He shouldn’t feel required to wear a tie but can if he wants to.

Here are some appropriate men’s clothing ideas that guests can wear to a courthouse wedding.

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