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9 Ideas for Numbering Tables at a Wedding Reception

If you’re planning on having a seating plan for your wedding reception, you might be looking for ideas for numbering tables.

So, what are the best ideas for numbering tables at a wedding? However, you decide to number your wedding reception tables, make sure that the numbers are big enough for guests to see. Many guests end up having trouble finding their table, so make sure guests can easily find and see the numbers.

Here are some fun and creative ideas for numbering tables at a wedding reception that you can use for your wedding!

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Tips for Numbering Tables at a Wedding

When it comes to numbering tables at your wedding reception, there are a few tips you can take advantage of to help guests easily find their table and keep the entire even organized.

Don’t overthink it. Some people have wondered if there is a certain way tables should be numbered so that the head table is #1 with the other most important tables following in order. However, sometimes it’s not very easy to accomplish this and that’s okay. Some people have even intentionally made the head table number somewhere in the middle (for example, number 9 out of 18 tables). This way people couldn’t complain about being “less important” because they were seated at table 18 when the bride and groom are seated at table 9.

Make a chart to display near the entrance. Giving your guests something like a “map” so that they can figure out how to find their table. Many guests complain that they can never find their table when they’ve gone to weddings with a seating plan. If you have a sign that works as a map, they’ll be able to easily find their table.

Make the signs tall and/or big and bright so guests can see them from a distance. As soon as guests arrive, and see their assigned seat, they’ll be looking around for their table. Make sure your guests can easily see the table numbers so they don’t have to search hard to find the table they’re looking for.

Instead of using numbers, use objects. If your afraid guests might associate the table number with a level of importance, you can always use objects. For example, you could use the names of flowers, animals, locations, etc. However, this could be more confusing because instead of tables being arranged in subsequential order, they’ll be looking all around for their random table.

1. Tall Wooden Table Numbers

These extra thick wooden table numbers are perfect because they are sturdy and tall, standing 13.5″ tall. Also, you can easily paint or stain these table numbers to match your wedding theme. Or, if you prefer, you could leave them alone and display them as plain wood.

Easily put the numbers into a bunch of flowers are add them to a set of mason jars centerpiece decor. Another great idea is the spray paint the numbers a different color than the stand.

2. Short & Sturdy Table Numbers

The material of these numbers is slightly unknown, but they are sturdy and slightly heavy. The best-known description of the material is “similar to a tightly compacted foam or cardboard”. They can be left white or painted to match your table.

To make these numbers stand up a little taller, you could stack them on top of something on your tables.

For extra appeal, glue a flower next to each number, add glitter, or put a picture behind each number.

3. Acrylic Table Numbers

These beautiful table numbers with greenery designs would go with any wedding theme. The great thing about these acrylic table numbers need no painting or sprucing up. You can display them exactly as you ordered them and they look lovely.

If you’re planning a forest, tropical, or rustic wedding, these acrylic table numbers will look beautiful at your wedding reception.

4. DIY Table Numbers Using Double-Sided Frames

You can get creative with these acrylic double-sided frames! Put your table number and some pictures inside the frames to display at your wedding reception. Use paper and colors that match your wedding theme.

You could put a large table number on one side with a picture on the other. You could also put the menu on the other side if you would like your guests to choose their meal on the night of the reception.

You could also use vinyl lettering to put the table numbers directly on the glass. This is a great way to make a fancy table centerpiece that doubles as a table number!

If you need help organizing your guest list, check out my super easy Guest List spreadsheet that will help you keep everyone organized. Here are more details about the spreadsheet!

5. Hand Written Frosted Acrylic Signs

If you have a steady hand or know someone who does, you can handwrite or paint the table numbers on these nice frosted acrylic signs.

Additionally, if you make a mistake, most markers and paints can be removed with Windex.

You could also use a Cricut machine to make some vinyl letters that you can attach to the acrylic signs.

6. Chalkboard Table Signs

Another fun way to mark tables is with chalkboard signs that you can write numbers on. You could even use different colored chalk to match your wedding theme.

You could get many different types of chalkboard signs in different shapes and sizes. You could add flowers, beads, pictures, and other creative things to dress up your chalkboard signs.

7. Rustic Cardstock Table Numbers

These super cute rustic table number cards are perfect for rustic weddings. Additionally, they’re double-sided so no matter where your guests are looking, they’ll be able to see the table number.

You can find any type of cute stand to display your cardstock table numbers; from easels to cardholders and wooden block cardholders.

8. Metal Heart-Shaped Table Number Stands

These 8.5″ tall metal table number stands are perfect for wedding receptions. You can use the included papers to write the table numbers on or you could just use the stands to put your own cardstock table numbers, like the one above.

Additionally, you could also use these stands to hold pictures with a number for your table. For example, put a 4×6 picture in the stand and use the small included cards to put the number on and pair it with the 4×6 picture on the stand.

9. Rustic Table Numbers with Wood Stands

I love these rustic table numbers with raw wood stands. You could buy these premade wood stand or make your own. Just make sure that cut a slit in each wood piece that is approximately 1/8″ wide and at least 1″ deep.

There are so many different designs for table numbers, you could even make your own or find some creative ones on Etsy.

Share your ideas in the comments for creative ideas that you can use to put table numbers on wedding reception tables.

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