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How to Write a Good Wedding Toast (with examples)

Being asked to give a speech as the best man or maid of honor can be extremely nerve-wracking. If you’re wondering how to write a good wedding toast, here are some great tips and examples that you might find helpful.

Whatever you do, don’t sweat it too much. Your best friend wouldn’t have asked you to stand by him/her on their big day if they didn’t trust you. Whatever you come up with will be great, just trust yourself and breathe.

Keep Your Wedding Toast Simple

When making speeches, the simpler the better. Instead of searching for free wedding speeches off the internet, sharing fun and thoughtful memories keep your speech fun and engaging.

When you’re asked to give a wedding toast, here are the basic things you talk about:

  1. tell the guests about you met the bride or groom (keep it light and funny or sweet and personal)

  2. share your perspective of how the bride and groom met and how they meant for each other

  3. wish the newlyweds happiness for the rest of their lives

You don’t need a cookie-cutter, boring speech. All you need is memories and your genuine care for the new couple.

You likely still have butterflies in your stomach about giving the wedding toast. Here are some great tips that will help:

Don’t Give Unwanted Advice

You likely know the couple pretty well if they asked you to be the best man or maid of honor. You know what the couple may or may not want when it comes to advice.

Long borning speeches can happen if you spend a bunch of time giving marriage advice that the couple didn’t ask for. Instead, most couples appreciate the nostalgia of a few well chosen memories.

Find a funny or a touching memory you have of the couple and share it with the room, plus a few well wishes and you’re done.

Make Your Taost Short But Effective

Many of us know that a long speech is very boring; you don’t want to dull the night with talks of your childhood as friends.

No need for a biography, leave it at one or two of your favorite memories to make a short but sweet wedding toast.

Write or Share a Poem

Poems might seem like the choice for sissies, but it depends on the person’s point of view along with the couple. However, a wedding is a very emotional moment and it’s sure that most people won’t mind a sentimental moment and maybe a few tears.

Don’t Forget to Introduce Yourself

Don’t make the wedding toast all about you, but also don’t forget to introduce yourself so people know the connection you have with the bride or groom. You can simply say something like, “Maggie has been my best friend since high school and I’ve never seen her fall so deeply in love until she met Andrew”.

When talking about the newlyweds, making yourself a credible witness is key. You want people to enjoy your speech even if they don’t know who the heck you are!

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