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3 Tips for a Celebrity Wedding Reception on a Budget

If you’ve always dreamed of an elaborate celebrity-style wedding reception but feared that you simply can afford to have what you want, I’m here to tell you not to give up on your dreams!

Your wedding is a special day and you don’t want to look back wishing you had done things differently. Your wedding reception should be a memorable and happy event that fits your style precisely. Despite widespread notions, having a celebrity-style wedding reception doesn’t have to mean cleaning out your bank account.

By using some unconventional resources and following these simple tips, you can have the wedding reception to rival those of celebrities but without the high cost.

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Dream First and Get Organized

Before you can actually start putting your celebrity wedding reception together, you need to think about what you want and get organized.

At this stage, don’t worry about how much things will cost. Simply write down all of your dreams for the perfect wedding reception. When you get to the shopping stage you will be able to determine what is feasible or not.

The main items you should include on your list are your wedding venue, decorations, food and drink, place cards, centerpieces, music, etc.

Get Help With Planning for free!

If you want to save money on your wedding reception, skip hiring a professional wedding planner. These individuals are typically highly skilled in what they do and their fees prove it!

Your best bet is to find people who are willing to help you for free. You shouldn’t have to look further than your family and friends. Enlist the services of as many people as you can.

You can even get the kids to help! Children can be especially helpful with repetitive crafts, so include them in your wedding reception plans.

Don’t wait until the last minute to solicit assistance. Let people know way in advance that you would like their help on your wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Shopping on a Budget

With your list of wedding reception ideas in hand, it is time to start shopping. The venue for your wedding reception will probably be the most expensive part of the reception.

Cheap alternatives that don’t look cheap include restaurants and church halls.

If you choose to have your wedding reception at a restaurant, make sure that you can use your own flatware, plates, and glasses. You can purchase elegant versions of these at discount shops for less than $100, depending on the number of guests you invite.

You can even simplify the food at your reception by only giving your guests three choices which they can choose when they RSVP to your invitation. Caters charge less when you order by the plate.

For your centerpieces and decorations, hobby shops such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc. offer the best prices. You can even look on Pinterest for DIY centerpiece design ideas that you and your helpers can make.

Placecards aren’t a necessity, but if you have assigned people at tables, place cards will help your guests find their table. You can create your own wedding reception place cards by purchasing an inexpensive greeting card software program and elegant paper. You will need an inkjet printer to print the cards.

Unless you know someone who will offer you a cheap price for wedding reception music, skip the DJ and the live band. Creating a few CDs of various popular love songs is a less expensive choice.

A wedding rehearsal dinner with the wedding party (bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents) just before the wedding ceremony is traditional. It is a good idea to either invite your wedding reception helpers to this dinner or to a separate fun event. At this event, you should show your appreciation for helping make your wedding reception the best ever!

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