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Funny Wedding Reception Games for the Bride and Groom

The wedding reception is all about celebrating the new happy couple, and nothing could be more entertaining than watching them play a game and get a little competitive!

While there are a lot of activities guests can do at the reception, here are a few funny wedding reception games for the bride and groom that are sure to entertain your wedding guests.

The Shoe Game

This is a hilarious game where the bride and group sit back to back and remove both shoes. They both trade a shoe so that they’re holding one of each.

A designated person will then ask a series of questions about the couple and their relationship. After each question, the bride and groom hold up the shoe of the spouse they think is the best answer to the question.

Here are some questions that might be asked during the shoe game:

  1. Who will do most of the cooking?

  2. Who said “I love you” first?

  3. Who has more siblings?

  4. Who made the first move?

  5. Who is the better driver?

  6. Who got better grades in school?

  7. Who is smarter?

  8. Who is more likely to get injured?

  9. Who is more likely to be running late?

  10. Who starts the argument?

  11. Who is first to say “I’m sorry?”

  12. Who will be most likely to wake up grumpy?

  13. Who is more likely to get lost?

Who Takes the Cake?

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

This game doesn’t require much from the bride or groom other than maybe a little cake in the face. Guests donate to your honeymoon fund by putting money in either the bride’s jar or the groom’s jar and whoever has the most money in their jar gets cake in the face.

Not only is that a fun game to play but it’s also a great way to raise extra funds for your honeymoon!

Share your favorite bride and groom wedding reception games in the comments!

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