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Planning a Pre Destination Wedding Reception: What You Need to Know

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you might consider having a pre-wedding reception. But, you’re not sure what to call this party or what activities to have.

So, what is a pre-wedding reception? A pre-wedding reception is a party that you have before leaving for a destination wedding. This is for local friends and family who will not be invited to your wedding location. It’s a way to celebrate with everyone while still having your dream destination wedding.

Here are some great ideas and information that you need to know about planning a pre-wedding reception.

What to Call a Pre-Wedding Party?

It’s not proper to have a “reception” BEFORE the wedding. If you were planning a party for after you return from your destination wedding, it would be appropriate to have a “reception”.

Here are a few ideas for what to call your “pre-wedding party”.

Engagement Party. Since you’re technically still engaged, an engagement party would be an appropriate name for your pre-wedding celebration. However, some people do not like the idea of calling it an engagement party because they will have the same activities as a wedding reception. The name for this party might not sound appropriate for your pre-wedding party. It almost sounds more like a co-ed bridal shower.

Almost Married Party (or Celebration). This is a fun name for your pre-wedding party! “Almost married” perfectly describes a pre-wedding party. You could use the word “party” or “celebration” as well, whichever you like the best.

Pre-Destination Celebration (or Party). This is a great idea to help guests understand why you’re having a party before the wedding. It’s very to the point but also a fun name for a pre-wedding party.

Going Away (or Bon Voyage) Party. If you’re planning an international destination wedding or maybe a cruise wedding, this is the perfect name for your pre-wedding celebration.

Pre-Wedding Party Invitation Wording

If you can’t decide on the right name for your pre-wedding party, you might just put the wording on your invitation indicating that you’re having a party be for you take off for your destination wedding.

John and Jane are Almost Married! Join us to celebrate before they head off to their destination wedding!
They’ll marry on the beach in Mexico… so let’s celebrate now!
Although we are having an intimate destination ceremony, we would love for you to join us for an early wedding celebration.
The couple will be holding an intimate wedding in [localtion]. Here’s your chance to celebrate before they tie the know! You don’t want to miss it!
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